Here are some of the activities we experienced last term.


Nursery enjoying getting muddy in the outside kitchen.

Yellow Class (Year R)

Yellow Class enjoyed a visit from Mrs Larnder who is a veterinary nurse. She told us all about how to care for our pets. She bought a dog with her and we listened to her heart using a stethoscope.

Red and Green Classes (Year 1/2)   

Anglian Water workshops. Pupils in Red and Green Class enjoyed taking part in an Anglian Water workshop.  They learnt about the work which Anglian Water carry out and also about how to save water.  Pupils also discussed what they should and should not flush away in toilets.  They all received a colouring sheet and pencil for taking part.

Children within Green Class enjoyed learning about different flags.  They talked about flags they had seen and which countries they had visited, as part of Geography lessons.

 Orange Class (Year 3/4).

 Orange class have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. On a visit to the Castle Museum they acted out the daily routines of ordinary Egyptians and made Egyptian collars.

Key Stage 2 Science – using Empiribox.

The children studied Biology – Humans and Human Senses. In this picture the children are looking at eyesight and light levels using a datalogger.

Blue Class (Year 4/5).
Look at the amazing volcanoes Blue Class made for homework!  We were so impressed!  They got the chance to make them erupt at school and learnt all about how volcanoes work.
Purple Class (Year 5/6).

This term Purple Class has been learning about the ancient Greeks. To discover where the Greek civilisation sat in historical time we went over to the village playing field to make our own human timeline. Our timeline ranged from 800BC to AD 2018. We used a scale of 1 metre for every 10 years……as a result our timeline extended over 300 metres! The timeline was so long that we ended up making a horseshoe shaped timeline across 2 football pitches.We finished the activity by running back through time (ie. along our timeline) from the present day to the ancient Greeks. We discovered this was quite a long way but was great fun!

Whole School.

When the snow came down everyone enjoyed playing in it.  Some of the children will never have experienced snow like this before.