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Here are some of the activities we experienced last term.


Nursery having fun with the parachute fun out on the field.

Nursery Parachute picture-page-001

Yellow Class (Year R)

Children working together in the mud kitchen.


Red and Green Classes (Year 1/2)   

Edith Cavell Workshop During the Autumn Term, pupils in Green and Red Class enjoyed taking part in a workshop about Edith Cavell.  They learnt about Edith Cavell’s life and why she was famous.  They also had the opportunity to listen to stories about Edith Cavell’s life and complete activities about this.  This formed part of the History topic for the term, where children in Key Stage 1 learnt about the lives of famous people.Green Red

Year 2

In Year 2 we have been learning how to measure and read scales accurately when there are missing numbers.

Year 2

Orange Class (Year 3/4).

When learning about the Bronze Age we carved potato moulds and used melted chocolate to represent the molten bronze.

Bronze Age molds Orange Class

Key Stage 2 Science – using Empiribox.

The children were studying Water, Acids and Alkalis. They made Rainbow Tubes to show the pH scale.

Empiribox Science

Blue Class (Year 4/5).
Investigating place value.
 Blue class Place value
Purple Class (Year 5/6).
In our Anglo Saxon topic work, we looked at a map of Norfolk and discovered that many place names shared the same endings. We found out that these are often clues to the origins of the settlements.
Purple class