Governing Body and Committee Membership 2018/19

 The Government says that the governing body should have a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its  money is well spent.

The current Chair of Governors at Freethorpe Primary and Nursery School is Alison Earl. The Clerk to Governors is Sam Wilkinson.

The school is in the process of federating with Cantley and Horning Primary Schools. Consequently the new Federated Governing Body will be in place from January 2019. This page will be updated in January to reflect this.

  • Chair of Governors – as of September 2017– Alison Maquire
  • Vice Chair of Governors
  • Clerk to Governors – Mrs Lyn Thrower
  • Headteacher – Mr Chris Aitken – attending priority committee groups noted below
  • Assistant Headteachers
    • Head of Lower School – Juliette Branch
    • Head of Upper School – Robbie Houghton

Governors – 

Robbie Houghton (Staff Governor)

Alison Earll (Acting Chairperson)

Jane Kohler (Co-opted Governor)

Tessa Beales (Parent Governor)

Steve James (Co-opted Governor)

Kim Gill (Staff Governor)

Nick Spencer (LEA Governor)

Quality of Teaching & Learning Quality of Leadership & Management inc Finance Behaviour inc Health & Safety (Buildings)
Robbie Houghton

Alison Earll

Jane Kohler

Tessa Beales

Steve James

Nick Spencer

Kim Gill

Alison Earll


Nick Spencer

Alison Earll

Tessa Beales

  • Special Educational Needs/Looked After Children – Alison Maguire
  • Child Protection – Alison Maguire
  • Health and Safety – Nick Spencer
  • Curriculum including English and Maths – Steve James / Tessa Beales


Governors are members of our school community – following Reconstitution of the Governing Body we have a core of 5 governors, 2 parent governors, 1 Local Authority or community governor, 1 staff governor and he headteacher; the core governors undertake the key roles outlined above.  The Core group is supported by full governors, as well as associate governors who take on specific roles within the school and also for the Governing Body.

As a full Governing Body we meet 2 times each term in the Autumn and Spring Term; there is a formal Governors’ meeting in the Spring Term and a second meeting where the budget for the next financial year, as well as the evidence relating to the school’s annual return for the Schools’ Financial Value Standard is considered and agreed.

At each meeting an agenda is prepared, part of the agenda allows for committee groups to meet with the allocated meeting time.  Further committee meetings, monitoring visits and Governor visits are also carried out to support governors with their duties to the school.

Governors can be contacted c/o the school office or the Chair of Governors can be contacted directly via email:

 Register of Business Interests for Freethorpe Primary and Nursery School Governors

Complaints Policy