Switzerland Class

Mount Everest

Welcome to Switzerland class! We are a class of 24 year one and two children. We are taught by Mrs Short and are supported by Mrs Fish, Mrs George and Mrs Cunningham. We are a very curious class, and celebrate the marvellous mistakes we make along the way as they help us to learn and also help us to develop resilience when we are finding things tricky.

We love to be creative, whether this is arts, computing or writing. Our current topic is “Way Down Under!” We are learning about Australia and comparing it to Norfolk. We are finding out about the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, and their love of art. We are even going to learn how to make our own! We love being physical and playing together at break time, and PE led by Mrs George is always a favourite!

What are we learning about this term?

Way Down Under

What Happened This Week...

Coastal Together

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