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Design and Technology

Autumn Term 2020

Whole school Design and Technology project to design and make bug houses.

In Red Class we have been making bug houses. First, we looked at different bug houses to see what materials were used and how they were joined together. Then, we explored how to make a stable structure and looked at different shapes we could use. After that, we designed our own bug houses, adding appropriate labels. This was the first time most of us had used a hot glue gun and a saw so we were taught how to use these safely with an adult. Finally, we then found natural materials from outside to fill our bug houses with.

Orange Class have been making bug houses. We looked at a selection of pictures of bug houses and discussed what would make the structures stronger and more suitable. We then designed our own bug house. To make it, we needed to measure the wood for the frame, then saw the wood, and hot glue gun it together. We learned that triangles are stronger than squares in construction, so we cut out triangles from cardboard and hot glue gunned them onto the corner joints. Then we cut out the sides from white card, decorated them and stuck those onto the frames. We then filled the bug houses with natural things we had collected from outside.

Blue Class have been very busy making bug houses. After designing our houses, we made wooden frames using mitre joins and chose the shapes we wanted to use for our structures. We had to use bench hooks, saws and glue guns very carefully. We then decorated our structures and collected acorns, twigs and cones for the bugs. We hope they enjoy them!

Purple Class were given the design brief to find ways to attract more insects into our school grounds. We decided to aim high and build individual bug flats which could be put together to make a high-rise tower. What a challenge we had set ourselves! First we looked at images of bug hotels to identify their main features and types of materials used. Next we thought about why bugs might need hotels and discovered they liked small, dark places with lots of nooks, crannies and a variety of dry and damp areas. Armed with all this fascinating information, we produced our design specifications which set out what our bug flats might look like and the materials we would need. Then we started the big build…. We developed our skills in measuring accurately, using hacksaws, bench blocks and glue guns safely and, most importantly, problem-solving. It was great to see ideas and top tips being shared by everyone. Finally our great teamwork paid off when we had the inaugural unveiling of our ‘bug-tastic’ flats in the wildlife area of the school grounds. We hope we have some happy bug residents soon!