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Summer Term 2020 - Coronavirus       


Final letter - Summer Term 2020


Dear Parents,


We have reached the end of the final day in the summer term and how strange it feels! There is a real sense of limbo at present; some normality has returned and yet there are still so many things that are so very different to our usual lives. However, I am certain that the summer holiday will still hold lots of exciting adventures for everyone.


The challenges that this academic year has presented the school, children and parents have been unprecedented. However, the commitment and hard work that the whole school community has shown in working through this time has been fantastic. We would like to thank you all for working together to help us support your children and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in September.


During the summer holidays, please do refer to the school website if you have any concerns about keeping children safe (home page; key information; safeguarding), would like information from other agencies to help you and your family (home page; parents; useful links) or would like to access any learning for your children (home page; parents; summer holiday learning). There is no expectation from school that you do any home learning during the holiday but we are aware that a few families have expressed a wish to engage in some activities so you will find links to useful resources that you may be interested in on the website.


We hope that you all have a lovely break from the new routines that we have all created over the last few months and manage to relax and have some downtime of over the summer. 


Stay safe and have a great break,


Mr Cresswell, Mrs Houghton and Mrs Branch