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Red Class: This is Red Class’ work based on the winter topic. We created our own version of St Basil Cathedral. In maths we learnt about symmetry to crate a class piece of art work. We have also written a description of the train journey through Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway!

Blue Class. Blue Class have been learning about how Vikings raided Britain and then settled. Here are a selection of drawings of Vikings using oil pastels. Do they look fierce or friendly??

Red Class. Our R.E. topic is light and dark. We have been looking at Hinduism and learning about Diwali, The Festival of Light. We made our own Rangoli patterns using coloured sand.

Green Class. We used the book Pattan's Pumpkin as the base for our work. We explored about different countries and their cultures and the similarities to other stories we may know. The class used this as a base for English lessons, some Art work and links to the wider world.

Yellow Class. We explored traditions discussing the story of Guy Fawkes and Fireworks night and used chalk and glitter to create our own firework pictures. We discussed Remembrance Day and the significance of Poppies. We created Poppy pictures and wreaths.