Freethorpe Community Primary and Nursery SchoolInspiring Creative Learners


Welcome toFreethorpe Community PrimaryAnd Nursery SchoolInspiring Creative Learners

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Executive Headteacher:  Mr Simon Wakeman
Heads of School: Mrs Robbie Houghton and Mrs Juliette Branch
Mrs Megan Davies
Mrs Juliette Branch
Miss Michelle Webb
Mrs Rosie Lynn
Mrs Claire Newton
Mrs Jane Kohler
Mrs Robbie Houghton

Mrs Amanda Hampton

Federation Business Manager: Mrs Lynette Thrower 
Secretary:  Mrs Mandy Morris
Nursery Manager:   Mrs Karen Ellis
Nursery Staff:
Mrs Debbie Aitchison
Mrs Michelle Thompson
Mrs Diane Wright
Mrs Donna Brown
Miss Abi Markham
Classroom Assistants:
Mrs Kim Gill
Miss Jade Castro
Mrs Dawn George
Ms Kayley Errington
Mrs Michelle Fish
Mrs Andrea Rowlands
Mr Jack Woodhouse
Mrs Yvonne Tipping
Mrs Tracy Ball
Mrs Marcia Burrows
Caretaker:   Mr Steve Lazell
Cleaning staff:
Mrs Jill Patterson
Mrs Donna Brown
School Cook:
Ms Christine Hanton
Mrs Sarah Handford
Midday Supervisory Assistants:
Mrs Mandy Morris
Mrs Michelle Fish
Mrs Dawn George
Miss Jade Wright
Mr Jack Woodhouse
Mrs Donna Brown
Mrs Trudie Cunningham
Ms Kayley Errington