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Yellow Class

Pick and Mix Family Challenges    6th-21st July 2020

See the new star on the Learning at Home page for these challenges.

Spring for the birds - a story

Where are you? - a story

The wonky donkey - a story

The very clever farmer - a story

Teddy's list - a story

I don't care - a story

Dogs eat frogs - a story

Grandma Brown - a story

Danny's birthday - a story

Twinkle Twinkle - a song - 3rd July

Wind the Bobbin Up - a song - 3rd July

There's a Tiny Caterpillar - a song - 3rd July

Three Little Kittens - a song - 3rd July

Lovely Little Petunia - a song - 3rd July

Baa Baa Yellow Sheep - a song - 3rd July

Baa Baa Pink Sheep - a song - 3rd July

Baa Baa Pink Sheep 2 - a song - 3rd July

Baa Baa Black Sheep - song - 3rd July

Open Shut Them - a song from Mrs Gill - July 1st 2020

Dinosaurs Love Underpants - a story read by Mrs Gill - 29th June 2020

The Cat in the Hat - story - June 22nd

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark - story - 22nd June

Rumpus at the Vets - Story - 18th June

Spaghetti Song

Hungry Hungry Song

Summer Term 4

Audio message from Mrs Davies

Summer Term 4 - commencing 1st June